6adobeMore than four years ago, Adobe launched SearchCenter+, which actually at that time belonged to Omniture, the online marketing and web analytics business Adobe acquired a year earlier and which operated as the "Omniture Business Unit” within Adobe, before it got integrated into the Adobe Marketing Cloud in 2012.

Adobe SearchCenter+ is probably the most comprehensive search management solution on the market today. Search marketers can meet their business goals efficiently through integrated paid and organic engine data and take advantage of easy-to-use functionality to automate critical management tasks. Since successful search marketing requires continuous management based on data from multiple sources—search engines, site traffic and conversions, content and product updates, and competitive forces – Adobe’s handy solution seems to come at the right time.

Adobe SearchCenter+ provides the complete search engine marketing (SEM) management solution. Site traffic and conversion metrics flow through the native Adobe data platform, allowing search marketers to access current, reliable data to optimize campaigns and providing:

  • Complete site traffic and conversion metrics for optimization and reporting;
  • Organic volume, revenue, and rank data integrated to manage the entire search experience;
  • Comprehensive search query, site search, and organic search activity to efficiently expand and refine keyword sets based on potential;
  • Personalized reports, dashboards, and bookmarks that deliver quick snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs) for online marketing initiatives.

Indeed, Adobe SearchCenter+ is able to provide deeper insight into how consumers are engaging with paid search links across all supported search engines, offering recommendations on potentially strong-performing keywords, refinement of existing terms and discovery of negative terms.

This allows customers the capability to reduce keyword costs and increase conversion rates by matching more relevant ads with search terms. Besides that, new enhancements to bid management automation save time, besides giving greater flexibility and control over search campaigns.

However, since collecting and analyzing query data and managing bid strategies for large sets of keywords is complicated and time consuming, yet crucial for search marketers to get these insights, the newest version of SearchCenter addresses these issues with several updates, including:

  • Consolidated query data reports across all supported search engines that save effort and time required for analysis by search marketers;
  • Analysis of query data provides additional keyword recommendations based on search behavior from actual queries resulting in additional traffic for advertisers;
  • Create bid management strategies with new default templates or easily create custom bid management strategies based on key conversion metrics.

Adobe Search+ is a simple solution that consolidates and manages data efficiently and defines and automates processes to perform pay-per-click (PPC) bid management and report on campaigns properly, easing the challenges today’s search marketing professionals have to deal with.