3nativIn recent years, the consumption of content over Internet-enabled devices has exploded. There is right now a rush to dominate the Internet TV service proposition and offer TV anytime, anyplace and in high definition. For consumers this is a great time as TV and film services become richer, more customisable and “always on”. For content owners it’s a mixed bag of increased opportunity and increased operational pain. Fortunately, the same technologies that have enabled Internet TV have enabled file-based workflows and digital delivery that help overcome this.

Nativ, a media management and workflow expert, has published an independent report, outlining the shortcomings and challenges of internet delivery. It redefines at the same time media management for today’s multiscreen world by removing the cost and complexity of managing and delivering content. By taking back control of their high value assets, content owners can manage their entire content workflow, from creation to consumption, allowing them to respond quickly to the fast changing consumer demands for more content, in more formats and on more devices.

The days when people watched movies only on their TV sets and music on the radio are far from over. Today, we are consuming video and music on mobile, tablets or connected TV, not to mention the web platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, or game consoles. That’s all great news for consumers, but puts a lot of pressure on content provider and marketers, since all these platforms and channels require different formats, metadata and workflows, hence, a variety of business models and mechanisms.

Taking all this into consideration, you might want to look at MioEverywhere, Nativ’s game-changing platform that tackles the issue head-on and delivers even cost-savings by streamlining your workflows and automating your processes. Content producers and marketers can gain access to a wider audience, monitor activities and measure performance and accelerate speed to market.


MioEverywhere is an innovative platform that helps you to exploit every available video channel and device. Video and audio content can be used in any format to any channel.

As a marketer, MioEverywhere lets you:

  • Reach all audiences – no channel or device is out of bounds;
  • Get to market faster – In minutes, not months;
  • Measure the impact – with useful, meaningful analytics;
  • Deliver the best possible user experiences – since quality matters, as it is about your brand.

Although the industry is moving at a lightning pace and technology is changing and evolving all the time, one thing is for sure – content delivery to the Internet will be quicker, easier and less costly in the next few years compared to the past. This will be brought about by the consolidation of film and TV services and a slow adoption of standards for all elements of content delivery.

By MediaBUZZ