socialmediatypoAccording to the latest study from Statista, worldwide there are approximately 1.6 billion users active in social networks. Hence, social media comprises the largest part of the Internet communication, attracting advertisers that can powerfully take off in the next few years by responding to the different characters.

TWT Interactive, the German based agency for digital transformation, recently came up with the idea to identify different social media user groups and their expectations.

The main user types discovered by TWT Interactive are as follows:

  • Xing users are mainly interested in specific expert knowledge; business contacts and industry-specific information is a priority for the group. Hence, particularly specialized articles and targeted industry specific content is well placed there.
  • Twitter users employ the brevity of a tweet to get information in 140 characters. The packaging is rather secondary here, but it is important to display content efficiently, since it is scanned and examined if it is relevant. Therefore, provide more background information and links.
  • Blog readers like background information and interesting or humorous stories. Understanding the details is an important aspect for them. An extensive research is worthwhile to make content more authentic and convincing for these users.
  • Facebook fans like to keep in touch and take part in conversations interactively. Through the platform and the messenger, they exchange content with their friends and acquaintances almost on a daily basis. Therefore, pick up personal wordings, personalized content and contact overarching interests.
  • Pinterest users are predominantly female and deal mainly with one or a few specially selected themes. In order to attract these users to other contents, combinations of two or more topics should be created. Related topics can be linked via the dashboard.
  • For Instagram posters the pictorial visual communication is important. With few words, yet very emotional and expressive, contents are shared and spread. Audio-, photo- and video files in high quality are especially appealing to this group.
  • Google+ users are the most versatile among the target groups. They not only read news, are knowledge driven and very connected to their immediate surroundings, but also intensively cultivate contacts with family and friends. For this group, holistic care is important.

In addition to the typology, however, the actual behavior of users should be considered as well, especially since the majority of social media users is passive. Although they read posts, they are not actively getting involved in communications. Active users can be recognized by their vertical behavior, which means that they operate on multiple channels. They participate in a variety of topics, blogs, posts and follow with interest the conversations of other users. In contrast, users with horizontal behavior are strongly influenced by emotions. How much they are attracted by the themes, shows the intense debate on a channel. A good example are communities and platforms related to a specific field in which users can actively participate, but not necessarily.

TWT Interactive concludes that the extensive and intensive examination of the right target groups is the essential foundation for further marketing activities and an individual social media strategy.

By Daniela La Marca