comScore, Inc. entered the market with a tool that measures social media impressions, called Social Essential, that allows enterprises to analyze their audience across social media, by providing insight into the demographic and behavioral composition of social media audiences, the reach and frequency of social media brand impressions, acumen on competitors, and the ability to tie social media exposure to desired consumer behaviors including brand engagement and spending propensity.

The newly launched Social Essentials tools is able to provide world-wide reporting and analysis of audiences exposed to brand messages over Facebook, while subsequent releases will incorporate findings for additional social media channels, including Twitter. Companies can calculate in that way, their social media range, frequency as well as Gross Rating Points (GRPs) and incorporate the results into their marketing mix. Furthermore, a competitive analysis that includes demographic comparison, user behavior comparisons, and user overlap, are possible.


comScore Social Essentials is, according to the company’s website:

  • Quantifiable. Enables brands to understand the size and composition of their social media fan base and the reach and frequency of brand impressions delivered to this audience.
  • Comprehensive. Provides a 360-degree view of your social media following, including demographic and behavioral attributes, brand engagement, and spending propensity.
  • Actionable. Offers detailed competitive intelligence and insights that enable brands to improve their social marketing strategies and more effectively communicate with their target consumers.

Watch the video for more details:

comScore’s expansion course

In Asia, the online research company started its operations first in Japan and came to Singapore just two years ago, according to Joe Nguyen, Vice President, South East Asia at comScore, Inc. Responsible for new business development and expanding sales of comScore products and services throughout the Southeast Asia region, he managed to rapidly increasing comScore’s footprint in Asia Pacific, growing its business regionally by around 50% in past years. Just recently comScore released its Q2 2011 U.S. retail e-commerce sales estimates, which showed that online retail spending reached $37.5 billion for the quarter, up 14 percent versus a year ago.

Joe NguyenThis growth rate represents the seventh consecutive quarter of positive year-over-year growth and the third consecutive quarter of double-digit growth rates, that encourages the company’s continuing pursuit to deepen its research and technology expertise as well as latest acquisitions, Joe Nguyen commented.

“Research and having the right methodology is one side”, Nguyen elaborated, “but more important is staying on top of the fast moving online scene, with new devices and tons of different new technologies popping up all the time”.

It seems that comScore aces again the challenge of measuring the digital world, considering the fact that around three million unique websites worldwide from 170 countries are tracked regularly throughout all digital media channels, without a problem. Given that the company is now tackling social media, which is one of the most complex marketing channels, this is quite impressive. With comScore Social Essentials, brands can gain insights into the value of users exposed to their messaging, measured by whether they are more likely to visit a branded website or conduct a trademark search, consume digital media content or make online or in-store purchases.

“While understanding social media commands a considerable portion of marketers’ attention today, many express frustration with the challenge of quantifying the marketing impact of this channel,” said Linda Boland Abraham, comScore CMO and EVP of Global Product Development. “comScore Social Essentials offers an innovative solution to this problem by quantifying paid, earned and owned social media brand impressions so that brands can measure the audiences being reached and evaluate their attributes and resulting behaviors. This capability also enables brands to calculate social media reach, frequency and GRPs so they have the metrics they need to incorporate social media impressions into the marketing mix, and ultimately determine their social media ROI.”

By Daniela La Marca