5bingAccording to Young Shi, Senior Program Manager at Bing, identifying what affected your ad’s performance is about to get simple, visual, and hopefully even fun.

Just a few days ago Bing announced the pilot of the Change History Graph, a progressive approach to campaign analysis that visually connects your actions to your performance.

You can use this tool for quick visual insight into the effectiveness of your optimization efforts, and then invest in what’s working for you and correct or eliminate what isn’t.

How the Change History Graph works

Bing expects that Change History Graph’s features will significantly reduce the time marketers spend analyzing their campaigns, shifting the focus onto optimizing the results instead.

Click Change History in the campaigns page of your Bing Ads web interface.


Instantly identify when and what changes recently influenced the performance of your ad.


For example, as illustrated above, the user made 117 changes to his or her account on April 30th, and a significant rise in impressions immediately followed. What were these changes, and was there any one in particular that caused impressions to rise?

Click to prompt a display of details in a chart below the graph.


Then filter by type of change to hone in on what drove that change in your ad’s performance.


In this example, it appears Contoso123 created a new ad on April 30th under the Branded Contoso campaign and ad group, adding the information displayed under the “new value” column. The ad’s newfound visibility likely led to the surge in impressions.

With the Change History Graph you gain valuable insight into which of your efforts further your advertisement’s success by:

  1. Quickly seeing all the changes you’ve made to your campaigns by type of change (new keywords or different ad copy, for example);
  2. Pinpointing influential adjustments as they relate to your campaign’s performance over time;
  3. Determining which of those adjustments were successful and to what extent;
  4. Visualizing the relationship between your actions and their effect on your entire account, a particular campaign, or a set of keywords.

Bing is currently piloting Change History Graph and looking for interested marketers that would like to participate and provide feedback before releasing it to the general market. So, if you are a search advertiser interested in helping Bing refine this exciting new tool, please send your request to CHPilot@microsoft.com. It’s a noteworthy opportunity, we think.

By MediaBUZZ