5capterra1Marketing Automation software is more than just email automation. With features like campaign tracking, lead management, and many other options to streamline and organize workflow, businesses are flocking to this industry for help with their digital marketing efforts.

Finding the right solution of individual expectations can be cumbersome, but Capterra can help you finding the best solution for your business. The company provides a snapshot of the most popular solutions as measured by customers, users, and social presence on their website, including: Unfusionsoft, Hubspot, Vocus, Eloqua, IBM ExperienceOne, Teradata, Marketo, Integrate, SimplyCast, Act-On, Ontraport, SAS Institute, Adobe Campaign, MindMNatrix, Net-Results. Salesfusion, MarcomCentral, LeadSquared, eTrigue, and Marketing Optimizer.

In fact, the company even explains in one of its blogs how it is possible to build your own marketing automation system using a mix of free and open source options and has compiled a list of some of the best free marketing automation solutions available (see below)


Capterra examines each of the listed companies more in detail. We don’t want deny you with a quick overview:

Leadsius is perfect for small businesses, as it offers one of the most robust marketing automation systems for free, but if you think you’ll need more contacts, users, or advanced marketing automation functionality, you can consider upgrading to one of the paid versions Leadsius offers, starting at $295/month.

Jumplead encourages marketers to use the product to explore and learn for free with the ability to grow at your own pace. Their free version is a basic package, effective for small-scale campaigns only, but for $49/month, you can start upgrade to Jumplead’s first paid level.

SalesAutoPilot offers two free packages called “Free” and “Starter”. The biggest difference between the two is that the Starter package allows you to purchase add-ons, like extra emails and users; the Free version does not. The Pro level of SalesAutoPilot starts then at $19/month, but make sure you do your research on exactly what you need and how much it will cost, before committing to one of their price levels.

SimplyCast is one of the most popular marketing automation solutions, but it also offers a free solution via their Autoresponder version. The full marketing automation system that SimplyCast is known for starts at $99/month.

Mautic is an open source marketing automation system that is “100% customizable for your particular needs and situations”. You can download it straight from their website and get started right away. Mautic also hosts a community for its users to get involved with the product’s development, truly making the download less of a transaction and more like collaboration.

Pimcore is another open source option for your marketing automation needs, although technically speaking it is mainly a content management system that offers marketing automation features. You can download Pimcore directly from their site. They have a community board for users to share their ideas or needs with each other, but they also offer support plans ranging from 300 EUR per hour to 8,000 EUR per year.

ORBTR is a marketing automation system for “IT and technology firms” and is based in WordPress. It offers two versions of its WordPress native product: Ping and Connect. Ping, referred to as a plug-in, is free. For $99/month. Further, ORBTR Connect offers more marketing automation features, like landing pages and more integrations.

InTouch markets itself as “simple sales CRM and marketing automation for small business growth.” There are four very low-cost options and the free version is a just an option for a business exploring the possibilities of marketing automation as you don’t get much more from it. However, with unlimited contacts (rare for marketing automation systems) it provides a great opportunity to test a campaign or two to see if your business could benefit from marketing automation. The next level up is $15/month and includes more custom fields, emails, and lead management.

OpenEMM has marketing automation tools in its open source offerings, but advertises itself as an email marketing app. It offers a demo version of its product, so you can try it out before downloading the entire system, and provides great resources for users on their support page, including video tutorials, user forums, and a newsletter.

Customer.io has four price packages of various functionality on offer, but a bare-bones free version of its marketing automation platform as well, making it a good place to start.

Source: Capterra