AVACenique Infotainment Group Limited, one of the most innovative incubated company at Hong Kong Science Park, has officially launched IntelliSense2.0. This highly effective, real-time, Android-based audience measurement solution delivers fully automated, shopper insight and analytics at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions, for Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, which was close to a US$2 billion industry in 2013.

"Cenique's flagship software IntelliSense2.0 is the next generation of advanced DOOH technology that enables retailers to harness invaluable customer data, identify new markets, formulate data-driven marketing strategies, and ultimately achieve their marketing goals in order to drive business and profits," said Mr Shylesh Karuvath, Co-Founder and CEO, Cenique Infotainment Group Limited.

IntelliSense2.0 at a glance

Cenique's Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA), IntelliSense2.0, addresses one of the biggest challenges that DOOH advertisers face with current solutions-- quantifying and optimizing ROI. It provides marketers with actionable intelligence by anonymously counting the number of times customers engage with a marketing display and by collecting viewer data, which will then be organized into nine key metrics, including: impressions; opportunity to view; dwell time; gender and age group; time of day/day of week; location performance; and effectiveness index. This data is presented in an interactive dashboard that can then be analyzed and used to create more targeted marketing strategies that generate business.


IntelliSense Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA)

APAC provides the ideal launch environment and location

According to a report by PQ Media, a market research, publishing and advisory firm, DOOH is expected to grow by double-digit percentages until 2018, with the global market achieving US$15.92 billion in revenue. The Asia-Pacific region, which was the largest of the four global regions in 2013, saw aggregate revenues of US$3.83 billion. Mainland China alone, which is the second largest DOOH market after the U.S., saw US$1.87 billion in revenue in 2013.

Mr Shylesh Karuvath added, "We're launching IntelliSense2.0 at the perfect time and in the perfect region. Hong Kong has always been a shopping paradise with an almost unlimited number of retailers from local to international brands, which means the city has great business opportunity for Cenique. More importantly, Hong Kong is a springboard into the Mainland China market, which continues to grow with huge potential. With DOOH usage rising at an unprecedented rate around the world. We're confident that IntelliSense2.0 will add tremendous value in the Asia-Pacific region and will prove to be popular in the Mainland China and Hong Kong markets, and has the potential to bring about a golden age for the DOOH industry."

Cenique's intelligence equals enhanced ROI, empowering retailers

IntelliSense2.0 gathers real-time shopper data by using small, compact embedded computing devices powered by ARM (Advanced RISC Machines)- based processors, in conjunction with the IntelliSense software and the IntelliSense Cloud.

Retailers can first identify their target audience(s) by analyzing IntelliSense metric reports to see how many customers are in the store, busiest store times and products of most interest. IntelliSense2.0 also enables users to understand their target audiences through easy-to-comprehend real-time data graphs, so they can measure how many shoppers engage with digital displays by in-store location, as well as content displayed and time of day and week. By establishing a performance baseline for the digital signage, the impact of subsequent content changes can be quantitatively measured and best practices can be established.

Case study: Changing the world of fashion

Cenique's technology is already being used by high-fashion brand Marie France Van Damme (MFVD) to gathers customer data discreetly for marketing strategy and campaign support.

MFVD applied Cenique's DOOH solution to three retail locations in London, Hong Kong and Thailand. Now the fashion brand can centrally manage content (advertisements), and at the same time measure shopper engagement with the digital displays, as well as gather customer information such as gender, age range, time of day and time of week, efficiently and behind-the-scenes.

"In-store Advertising is a great way of getting our message out to our customers in a very cost effective and timely way. The impact was noticed immediately as it influenced customer behavior," said Simon Van Damme, Marketing Manager, MFVD. "Coupling Cenique's hardware solution with the IntelliSense Anonymous Video Analytics software enables us to more intimately understand shopper demographics and engagement in the store. I would highly recommend this implementation with any in-store advertising program", he concluded.

By MediaBUZZ