3marketingautomationMany a company played already with the idea of making use of a marketing automation system, but they often still lack the disarming arguments that will convince even the last decision maker.

In the he following, you will find some useful arguments in favor of marketing automation:

Marketing Automation convinces with results by making marketing measurable

A few years ago, it was still the case that marketing was always just a cost unit in the eyes of sales. However, with the help of marketing automation, you can highlight your contribution to your company's success now, as it is possible to document the results of each campaign, besides being able to track how leads are gained. The achieved ROI can be broken down to individual measures and is generally through and through transparent. Not to mention that it is great to be able to present clear numbers that show no money has been thrown out of the window by marketing activities.

A marketing automation platform, with the appropriate processes, methods and tools, provides a good basis for the coordination and cooperation of sales and marketing. The result are well-qualified leads that can be passed on purchase-ready to sales based on commonly defined criteria. Because marketing and sales work towards a goal as a team, processes are much better coordinated. Through proven methods and tools, customer data can get collected in a more targeted manner. By persona concepts, customers and prospects can be addressed more directly with relevant content in order to make a conclusion and to reach the decision to buy much easier.

Marketing Automation provides added value via profiling

Figuring out what your prospects and customers are really interested in has always been a little tightrope walk so far. By using "trial and error”, moving forward is possible only slowly and as a consequence often loses many potential customers on the way due to the wrong approach. In Marketing Automation, "progressive profiling," allows the slow but steady development of prospects along the buying process. With the help of dynamic web forms, you get successively all the necessary information about your prospective customers. You can evaluate the information and either pass it on to sales, or decide to look further. As an additional feature, a "subscription center" provides the customer with the possibility to choose individually what information he would like to receive at what frequency (relevance). Through marketing automation, you therefore get not only more but also better pre-qualified leads, meaning better "quality than quantity". The web tracking tools, in conjunction with the various methods for the conversion, are able to create individual profiles of your prospects and customers and develop them within the sales funnel. So what are you waiting for?

By Daniela la Marca