acronisAcronis, a global leader in new generation data protection, unveiled Acronis Access Connect – its latest file and print sharing solution for SMBs and enterprises. Acronis Access Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) is the leading solution for integrating Macs into businesses and enterprises. With this new release, Acronis Access Connect adds broad support for mobile workers to securely access files using iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. This combined support across the range of PC, Mac and mobile platforms lets employees keep using the devices they love, while enabling IT departments to deliver a seamless, scalable, and problem-free file server access and print sharing experience for users.

Ease-of-use for IT and employees

With Acronis Access Connect, mobile workers and road warriors can now access their work files wherever they need them, using the intuitively designed Access Connect mobile clients for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Minimal or no end user training is required for mobile users, especially those familiar with Mac and Windows file sharing environments.

For IT managers and professionals, Acronis Access Connect eliminates SMB protocol bugs, performance issues and compatibility problems related to integrating Macs into Windows environments, reducing help desk calls by as much as 70%. Acronis Access Connect installs in a matter of minutes on Windows servers, delivering immediate time-to-value for IT administrators and support personnel. The solution allows employees to be more productive when working with files on their PCs, Macs and mobile devices – whenever and wherever they choose.

"Acronis Access Connect cures two of the biggest IT headaches when it comes to file sharing," said Derick Naef, General Manager of Mobility Solutions at Acronis. "First, we help IT support the increasing numbers of Mac users by virtually eliminating file sharing support issues, and second, we have opened up filer server access across any device – empowering all of your employees to work and collaborate from anywhere

Employees using Macs at tipping point

As bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies continue to transform the way employees work worldwide, Macs in the workplace are becoming more common. In fact, a 2014 survey of 376 IT professionals - conducted by Dimensional Research - found that user preference is the top reason given by IT administrators for supporting Macs. The survey also found that 66% of businesses are already using Macs today and more than 70% officially support Macs as a company endpoint.

While many employees clearly prefer Macs, there are challenges from an IT perspective when it comes to file sharing, including compatibility, search performance issues, and a poor user experience. With unmatched compatibility and transparency, Acronis Access Connect allows Mac users to take advantage of key features they expect when connecting to Windows or NAS file servers, including:

• Fast, full content searching using Network Spotlight;
• Automatic backups using Time Machine;
• Fast browsing of network shares;
• Glitch-free operations when using key applications, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite;
• Phoenix Printing Plates Eliminates Connectivity Issues, Improves Productivity.

Phoenix Printing Plates, award-winning flexo printing plate manufacturer in the UK, operates with their designers and production teams under constant tight deadlines. Using Macs as quickly and efficiently as possible in this production-driven environment is a requirement. Prior to using Acronis, the company's Mac users were not able to efficiently connect to their Windows SBS 2010 Server, wasting time and reducing productivity. Folders were slow to display contents, searching was impossible, and reading and writing files was sluggish for users. Within 30 minutes of installing Acronis Access Connect, the entire studio was connected to the Windows Server, resulting in more productive Mac users with fewer IT and performance issues. In addition, the solution does not require the installation of additional software on the Mac clients.

"Everyone in the studio now gets a seamless connection and experience, and everyone is happy," said Kristian Wells, Repro Account Manager at Phoenix Printing Plates. "We don't even realize that Acronis Access Connect is running as once it is installed on the server we don't ever need to touch it."

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