The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council passionately strives for getting deeper insights into today’s constantly evolving marketing environment and is asking for your support by adding your part to their survey

Please contribute to CMO Council’s most popular and valued annual “State of Marketing” study, since many rely on the peer-based research for annual planning and spend allocation. The audit is invaluable for helping senior marketers calibrate, prioritize, and make a business case for marketing investments.

Since, marketing is increasingly becoming technology dependent, the control of technology budgets shifts more and more towards the marketing department. Due to more digital channels and increasing volumes of customer data, that has to be collected and evaluated, it is no surprise that Gartner predicts that the chief marketing officer (CMO) will outperform the chief information officer (CIO) on IT by 2017.

Therefore, to better understand where digital marketing has advanced and progressed in the region, CMO Council asks for your insights and best practices, hoping that you share them with your peers.


This joint initiative by the CMO Council and Adobe aims to create an evaluation framework that will form the foundation for benchmarking levels of adoption, traction, and success in an annual APAC Digital Marketing Performance Index. This undertaking will provide valuable insights into digital marketing performance across a region that embraces 35 countries, 4 billion consumers, 2.6 billion mobile phone users, and nearly 45% of the world's Internet population.

To thank you for participating and being an active contributor, you'll be given advance access to the complimentary executive summary of the report.

By MediaBUZZ