iphoneapps11Without accurate reporting and analytics for your mobile applications, you're simply flying blind. The data and analytics we take for granted on the web just aren't easily available in the closed marketplaces like the iTunes App Store.

You work hard to build an application, throw it up on iTunes and hope it gets purchased. When it does, you have no idea where the buyer came from. You have no idea how much money you are making, and you have no idea how the app is being used. For those developers who have already installed analytics, there is still scattered information that is pulled from other sources or not available at all. The Mobile App Analytics Tool developed by AppClix puts all this information in one place. AppClix automatically downloads your reports from iTunes Connect and integrates them into your analytics and sales reporting.

Finally know which users upgrade from trial to paid versions, how much revenue was derived from them and know how changes to your App details, reviews and ratings affect sales. Unlike other iPhone and Mobile App analytics products, AppClix provides all the relevant information at your fingertips on a single dashboard screen.


The AppClix dashboard gives you a complete picture of your app. Everything from sales, marketing, reviews, ratings, user demographics, handset technology, referrers, trial to paid upgrades, full application usage reporting and more - all on a single easy to read dashboard. And if you need to drill down deeper, simply click and dig – and view detailed metrics and event information quickly and easily. No need to keep going from page to page to get a complete picture of your app. AppClix also retrieves your ratings, reviews and rankings for all iTunes stores and reports on them.

Side by side comparisons between AppClix and some of the most popular analytics services quickly reveal why AppClix is the most robust solution available.

Campaign and referral tracking

adnetworksThere is a way to track campaign and referrer conversions without having to install a library in your App. AppClix can track your mobile web ads all the way through to the conversion on the iTunes store. It can also track when a purchase is made from your trial or "lite" application. You can see how much money you are making from upgrade conversions and if the lite version of the app is actually generating revenue.

The campaign and referrer tracking does not require you to "pre" setup the campaign in the control panel. Simply code your links and go! AppClix takes care of the rest.

Simple, easy to read Top 10 lists

The dashboard is littered with simple, easy to read top 10 boxes for a quick glance of all your important information. Each top 10 list can be expanded to view the full reporting including sales figures and other metrics with a simple click.


Additional top ten lists are available for campaigns, ads, referrers, days, device categories, event parameters, reviews and more.

All sales reporting is done in a consistent currency so you can easily see your totals without having to perform confusing conversions.

Powerful analytics API

The AppClix API allows you to access your statistics in their raw form, so that you can integrate them into your own products and services, build your own reports, or build mash ups - the possibilities are limitless. It's your data, so take it and do with it what you want.

Daily email reports

If you are sick of having to log in and see how much money you made yesterday or last month, AppClix will email you a report and it will be ready and waiting when you turn on your computer each morning.

AppClix also drew up a comparison between the features of AppClix and two other leading App Analytics tools – see http://www.appclix.com/ProductComparison.aspx.

By Anjum Siddiqi