Mobile-Marketing1Mobile marketing can feel like The Wild West. As the most rapidly emerging digital marketing channel, the old rules just don't apply. Marketers are struggling to understand how to make apps stickier, how to drive traffic to mobile sites, which devices to prioritize, how to measure mobile success and how to repeat it. Too many marketers are shooting from the hip when it comes to their brand's mobile experience. Intuition is not a sound strategy - measurement and optimization is.

Knowing how customers interact with your mobile channel is vital to the success of a mobile strategy. Webtrends Mobile Analytics provides you with deep insights into customer engagement, behavior and loyalty, revealing the content and media they find most compelling. That’s a competitive advantage.

From measuring key program indicators to tracking specific conversion activity, Webtrends Mobile Analytics reveals behaviors that help you define your mobile marketing efforts.

It can help you track key metrics, such as:

  • Trended usage and engagement summary metrics
  • In-app ad response, searches and purchases
  • Session duration and frequency
  • Geographic location and languages
  • Conversion event history and trending
  • Media, screens, content views, products, errors, outbound links and more


Webtrends Mobile Analytics offers a Mobile Command and Control Center optimized for the iPad.

Mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets, have become the remote controls for daily living. Usage is big and ramping fast, and global brands are rushing to invest billions of dollars in mobile apps, sites and advertising - even before they have a marketing strategy in place. As with other digital channels, knowing how customers are using mobile is vital to determining where marketing budgets and resources are best spent.


It's clear that the number of downloads or site visits are just the beginning of measuring mobile success. Are customers using their phones and iPads on Twitter, Facebook or texting? For QR codes, banking, purchases, comparison shopping, reading the news, locating a restaurant? Or have they ignored your app completely? You'll want to know. And the more data you have, the more opportunity there is for consumer engagement that is meaningful, influential and ultimately, profitable.

Webtrends offers the following features:

Apps: Covering all the Key Basesmobile2

  • Pixel or cookie based tagging options
  • Standard and custom event tracking
  • Auto-queuing for optimal performance and offline capture
  • Visitor identification and opt-out options
  • Details about viewed content
  • Open API data collection capability for other platforms
  • Simple data export capability

Mobile Web Analytics

  • Cross channel understanding of consumer’s digital behavior
  • Standard and custom event tracking
  • Comprehensive mWEB and APP capabilities
  • Apple App Store Data
  • Unlimited metrics
  • Open API data collection capability
  • Mobile Specific nomenclature
  • Real-time Key Metrics

SMS, mCommerce, QR, Ads + More: Optimizing Mobile Campaigns

  • Gather and analyze user adoption and engagement data from text-driven activity to apps distributed by service carriers
  • Track conversion and sales data generated through the mobile channel, compare to other channels, and take actions to drive increased transactions
  • Account and report on user activities and preferences such as report annotations, RSS feeds, social media interactions and more
  • Ensure privacy with ownership of data and customer opt-out preferences; data is not used by Webtrends for any other purposes
  • Enterprise-scale to handle any volume of traffic

Webtrends Analytics helps global brands measure and evaluate mobile adoption, engagement and effectiveness - from downloads to campaigns - allowing quicker and greater return on investment.