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Content Shock is real and makes an impact in 2017
Like all marketing areas with digital roots, content marketing is constantly changing, which is why the following should be of interest and kept in mind:
Are you cyber ready for 2017?
Cyber security received heightened interest in 2016 due to a spate of cyber-attacks in the region, such as for instance the one on the database of 55 million voters at the Philippines Commission on Elections (COMELEC), the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), US$81 million cyber heist at th ...
SEO gets more device- and use-specific
Search engine optimization (SEO) lives on trends and has to adapt constantly to algorithm changes. By now, there are no universally valid SEO ranking factors for all areas anymore, according to the Search Metrics ranking factor study 2016. Just the content must still always be relevant and suitable ...
What the heck will drive visual communication and be loved by creatives in 2017?
Getty Images recently unveiled its 2017 visual trends that are expected to drive visual communication as the year unfolds. By predicting the social and cultural visual language that consumers will be most responsive to in the year to come, Getty Images aims to inform, inspire and influence art di ...
Zee Media Corporation gets ready for the future of broadcasting
New technologies and innovations in the media industry enable broadcasters more than ever to stay ahead of the curve. If it took the industry initially years or months to create and instrument new live digital channels, it seems as if everything is now in place to meet market demands.
Top 10 datacenter predictions 2017 for the Asia Pacific region
By 2018, 35% of Companies in Data-Intensive Industries Will Adopt Formal Datacenter Planning, Sourcing, and Governance Processes to Speed Digital Transformation Efforts.
The force of AI, IoT, VR or AR on digital marketing in 2017
As expected, marketing will mainly be affected by digital developments in 2017, whether considering data management, predictive analytics, AI, IoT, Dark Social, VR or AR. That’s why Asian eMarketing will give you an outlook of the digital marketing industry for the year ahead this month.
Matt Banner’s Social Media Cheat Sheet for 2017
Matt Banner updated his Social Media Cheat Sheet resource guide for 2017 to give you the complete rundown on how to rock the social media world this year.


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