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Jul 24th
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MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd, launched in early 2004, is an independent online publisher in the Asia Pacific region focusing on the business of digital media and marketing.

Asian e-Marketing is a true pioneer in Asia Pacific’s digital marketing scene, empowering e-marketers in the vibrant and fast-paced electronic marketing environment. Key sections include e-marketing tips, best practices and trends/statistics, legislation affecting e-marketing, training the spotlight on companies and their e-marketing campaigns and e-marketing leadership profiles.

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SAP Analytics helped Germany win the 2014 World Cup, so when is your turn to get your trophy?

SAP Analytics helped Germany win the 2014 World Cup, so when is your turn to get your trophy?

When the Germany football team manager and SAP brand ambassador Oliver Bierhoff approached the enterprise software company SAP in 2013 to look for innovative ways to improve the team’s performance - after the huge disappointment in the European Championship 2012 - he was also taking advantage of revolutionary technological Big Data analytics leaps of SAP. Shortly afterwards, SAP and the DFB announced a partnership to improve the business processes of the federation.


Progressive profiling gathers momentum

Progressive profiling is just one of many strategies to significantly boost the conversion rate of online forms but quite a useful and successful way. To no surprise it is a feature that is virtually included in every marketing automation platform, such as for instance Oracle / Eloqua or Marketo.


The heat is on when it comes to measuring and analyzing marketing data for strategic decision making

The purpose of data evaluation is to identify customers’ behavior and reactions to marketing campaigns in order to grow sales revenues. Business Intelligence helps here to obtain the necessary information to customers and the market, as well as to understand, analyze and evaluate the data to optimize decision-making processes and to develop a competitive advantage from the data analysis. Meaningful trends can be iden...