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Jan 25th
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MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd is an independent online publisher in the Asia Pacific region, focusing on the business of digital media and marketing, since early 2004.

Asian e-Marketing is a true pioneer in Asia Pacific’s digital marketing scene, empowering e-marketers in the vibrant and fast-paced electronic marketing environment. Key sections include e-marketing tips, best practices and trends/statistics, legislation affecting e-marketing, training the spotlight on companies and their e-marketing campaigns and e-marketing leadership profiles.

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Make-or-break social media trends unbagged

Make-or-break social media trends unbagged

Social media marketing enjoys great popularity both for the dialogue with the customer and as a content distribution platform. Yet, like all modern marketing channels, social media changes permanently, too. We reveal what is important for social media marketers in 2015.


Are we on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution already?

In 2015, the Internet continues to connect the virtual and real world at breakneck speed, but I will not talk about Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things at this point. Instead, keywords such as flexibility, individuality, or cross-border cooperation are coming to my mind, which I believe will dominate the future of digital marketing enormously.

The demands for higher quality of services will...


eMarketer: Nearly three-quarters of Facebook's ad revenues will come from mobile this year

Nearly one billion Facebook users worldwide will access the social network on a mobile phone at least once each month in 2015, according to a new forecast from eMarketer, who for the first time breaks down mobile phone Facebook users by country.