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Dec 20th
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MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd is an independent online publisher in the Asia Pacific region, focusing on the business of digital media and marketing, since early 2004.

Asian e-Marketing is a true pioneer in Asia Pacific’s digital marketing scene, empowering e-marketers in the vibrant and fast-paced electronic marketing environment. Key sections include e-marketing tips, best practices and trends/statistics, legislation affecting e-marketing, training the spotlight on companies and their e-marketing campaigns and e-marketing leadership profiles.

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Marketo advocates marketing automation for engaging emails

Marketo advocates marketing automation for engaging emails

Consumers have more control than ever, and marketers need to step up their game accordingly, states Marketo in its ebook Graduating from an Email Service Provider to Marketing Automation, pointing already out in the title that ESPs have their limitations.

“Email service providers (ESPs), vendors that primarily provide batch and blast email capability, can't deliver the behaviorally-targeted engagement needed to stay relevant, let alone the integrated multi-channel conversations necessary to maximize the impact of marketing. Only an intelligent marketing automation platform is up to the task”, the expert explains.


PwC reveals that a significant “media gap” exists in Singapore

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recent report Digital advertising in Singapore: mind the gap reveals that despite the fact that Singapore is one of the most digitally connected populations with the highest smartphone penetration (85%) in the world, the level of online advertising in the country is well below international averages.


Choosing the right image formats for marketing emails

Pictures speak louder than words. In any case, they draw attention and are an important element to activate users in email marketing. No wonder though that images are a fundamental part of designed HTML mailings in email marketing.

Good that there are various file formats to choose from, which are all more or less suitable for email marketing: JPEG, GIF, EPS, BMP, PNG, PSD, etc. - the list of file formats for graphics...