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Jul 30th
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MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd, launched in early 2004, is an independent online publisher in the Asia Pacific region focusing on the business of digital media and marketing.

Asian e-Marketing is a true pioneer in Asia Pacific’s digital marketing scene, empowering e-marketers in the vibrant and fast-paced electronic marketing environment. Key sections include e-marketing tips, best practices and trends/statistics, legislation affecting e-marketing, training the spotlight on companies and their e-marketing campaigns and e-marketing leadership profiles.

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Invigorating Marketing Analytics with Adobe’s Cloud Services

Invigorating Marketing Analytics with Adobe’s Cloud Services

The urge of marketing executives to monitor click paths, results of online marketing campaigns and online key performance indicators (KPIs), has developed hand in hand with the internet and digital channels. Today it has become the cornerstone of the web analytics industry.

What started as a way to see when visitors abandoned websites, or how many clicks were generated from search engines, has evolved into a self-sustaining industry. The heyday of such web analytics tools started by using JavaScript tags to collect massive amounts of data that made the dream of an online marketer come true.


Data usage: Which types of analysis are actually data protection compliant?

Without the analysis of user behavior, online marketing is no longer very helpful today, as the knowledge gained is necessary to constantly optimize campaigns and advertising strategies for the products offered.

Still, the question always arises whether the possible evaluation of such marketing information is in accordance with the appropriate data protection law.


7 connected user trends to watch out for

As consumers are purchasing more and more ‘smart’ devices; smartphones, tablets, wearables and home devices, there is a greater expectation that full functionality must be achievable anywhere on the planet. According to GSMA’s The Mobile Economy Report [1] , almost half of the population of the earth now uses mobile communications. Over the past four years, a billion mobile subscribers were added. The total now stands ...