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Aug 21st
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MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd, launched in early 2004, is an independent online publisher in the Asia Pacific region focusing on the business of digital media and marketing.

Asian e-Marketing is a true pioneer in Asia Pacific’s digital marketing scene, empowering e-marketers in the vibrant and fast-paced electronic marketing environment. Key sections include e-marketing tips, best practices and trends/statistics, legislation affecting e-marketing, training the spotlight on companies and their e-marketing campaigns and e-marketing leadership profiles.

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Content blindness - how can it be overcome?

Content blindness - how can it be overcome?

Banner blindness, and advertising blindness in general, are not uncommon and actually long-known phenomena. Kind of new, however is the content blindness that has been caused in the aftermath of the Panda update since it downgraded the direct user feedback on the page which has long been considered as a ranking factor, which is tripping many webmasters and SEOs up.


How to manage your corporate blog effectively

Users are more likely to remain loyal to a brand, if you provide a good selection of relevant and high quality content tend, rather than when purely sending advertising content. Posts can contain both text and images, infographics, audio and video documents etc.


How to come up with a good content strategy

We all have been generating a lot of content over the course of the years, but a recap on how to develop a successful content strategy can’t hurt. Still, the easiest way is of course to hire a content strategist, if you don’t want to go to work on it yourself. But if you decide to craft your own strategy, make sure you start with taking a look at what kind and amount of content you have so far.

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